Chemical Pink

Chemical Pink

How far would you go for the perfect body?

Set in the world of female bodybuilding, Chemical Pink is a story of obsession and the consequences of going too far to achieve your goals.

Amateur bodybuilder Aurora Johnson is vacationing in sunny California. While working out at the gym, she meets Charles Worthington, a wealthy eccentric with a passion for up-and-coming bodybuilders, a passion that surpasses the sport and veers towards the kinky. Aurora, thrilled to have found a “sponsor,” willingly surrenders her life to Charles. Under his tutelage, she begins an intense training program—regular workouts with a trainer, special high protein meals, and even muscle-enhancing drugs—all the while putting up with Charles’ sexual games.

Together they watch her body grow and change into the champion that they envisioned from the start, and Aurora tells herself that her loss of independence and control is a small price to pay for glory—but is this price too high?

Chemical Pink is a fast moving page-turner, a mesmerizing portrait of two obsessed personalities and the perverse relationship that draws them together.

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