Posted June 5 ’10

According to the latest HIDTA report, California produces more Outdoor Grown Marijuana than Mexico. HIDTA stands for High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.  It is a government program that coordinates drug control efforts among local, State, and Federal law enforcement agencies.  There are 32 HIDTAs in the U.S. and the report was compiled from information gathered by the four California state programs.   According to the June 4, 2010 report, California seized more marijuana on grow-sites throughout the state than was seized at the U.S. – Mexico border.  Let me quote the report:


“United States Marijuana production in 2009 exceeded Mexico’s”

“More Marijuana was Eradicated in California than was Seized at the US-Mexico Border: There were 1,489,643 kilograms of cannabis seized during 2009 at the U.S. – Mexico border.  This amounts to 1,486 Metric Tons of cannabis, about 1/3rd of what was eradicated in California (5,140 MT).”

“California’s law enforcement eradicated more marijuana than was produced in Canada”

“California may supply 3/4th of all the marijuana for US consumers”


Where do you think they’re growing all that pot?  On our public lands.  And trust me, Cartel grow-sites are not organic.  They are using the most toxic pesticides, rodenticides and fertilizers to grow the plants.  They are killing everything in the area and permanently polluting waterways.  I’ve been in these sites—there’s no wildlife.  No snakes or bunnies or deer.  Everything is dead except the weed and the surrounding canopy of plants.  There’s often a sharp chemical smell in these sites.  No bugs, no nothing.  Cartel activity is destroying our wilderness.  The environmental impact of these grow-sites should be the central point of all legalization debates!

Here’s the full report:

Marijuana Production in California